In my desert places

The Lord touches me;

Not because He loves

Desert places but

Because He fills empty pots.

I have cried out of

My need in desert places.

It is not during times

Of lush, fertile life

That I reach my Maker,

But in those dry, barren

Places, God touches me.

I thank Him for

My barren times,

My times of sorrow:

I have emerged

Like lazarus,

Raised from the dead.

I have touched the Lord

And having touched Him,

Poetry has been created

From the dust of my soul.

Alice Parris


2 responses »

  1. What a beautiful poem, it got to the core of my soul! Keep up the good work you are doing on this blog, and please count me in as one of your regular readers.

  2. Dear Sharon,
    I am deeply touched by your comment. Yes, I walked through that valley of death, but the Lord taught me to fear no evil. We hide in the Rock when troubles comes. Intimacy with the Lord is our greatest gift in this life.
    Blessings 7 peace,
    Alice Parris

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