How I have waited,
my beloved, for the
sound of your approach.

When you come, I am
set ablaze with the
lightnings of your love.

You are only as far away
as my heart-felt prayer.

My love for you
is as the rumbling sea.
It cannot be satisfied.

I am forever yours;
a captive- beating- heart,
a trifle in your hand.

You speak, transforming me;
 the sound of your passion…

Distant memories are
awakened. All of them
lead me here and now.

Your will is mine to obey.
On your word, I will live-
or die-it does not matter.

I am forever yours-
never the lessened grip- 
my love in absentia.

Alice Parris
Inspiration from The Songs of Solomon


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  1. Dear hanakojo,

    I am so happy that it is this poem that you commented on. The Songs of Solomon have so deeply impacted me, that they cannot help but pour out into a floral bouquet for the beloved.
    “I am my beloved’s and His desire is towards me…”
    Alice Parris

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