Bejeweled, crowned, and kept upon a leash of love, I would that I could dazzle you with some lilting music

from the timbrets within my pampered, adorned heart.

I would that I could take you to heights of ecstasy without ever touching you, for I am faithful, learned, of noble birth.

I can make a skillful courtesan look like a rouged- harlot;

she cannot seduce without her tactile offensive-her beauty diminished in the pleasing. A footnote of her times, trapped

in a male -dominant system that does not know her, love her.

I know that pleasure resides within the complexity of the brain. Synapses triggering, firing off hidden, trapped, erotic memories.

Your fantasies are painted upon the canvas of your tongue. Tell me your fantasies, and I will tell you your certain future.

But, I am not my own. I possess no free will. I cannot fly the way of the un-initiated with shut eyes and wide-open wings.

I have laid my will down in liege to my Lord. I am no man’s. I bow down and bend my knee to my heart’s rightful master.

I am completely His. My heart is a ravished vassal queen.

Alice Parris


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