Non-discriminating, metallic, eight-legged creatures
of fatal-fickleness…How I despise your roaming,
red-rimmed, scanning eyes.  I utterly detest you!

The games you play in this coliseum of yours; the
fighting of gladiators to gain dominance in cyberspace. 
The inventions of men to catch your steely-glimpse.

You have become a god. You, a mindless, peering,
computer-generated arachnid, have become a panacea.
I do not worship you. I distain your lack of good taste.

I detest your blood-hungered legs. I see your carnage. 
You are but a plasma-slurping spider, consuming the
humanity of those who daily pander for your ever-fleeting

favor.  You who lie to the world; with your certain elevation
of false-faced worthlessness. Rage-inducing spiders of cyber-
space, scurry along. Go suck on a purulent, shit-eating fly.
Alice Parris


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