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When given nuances, they cried
out for bloody red meat, “Give us
bowels, hearts, brains and bones.

Give us a fountain of blood wrapped
up in flesh. We want to butcher and
gorge upon bloody red meat.”

“We will not receive your subtle gifts.
We will dissect them and find them
bloodless. Give us bloody red meat!”

He said, “Alright! Sacred cows must be
sacrificed to get what you want.” They
said, “What? Our sacred cows? Never!”

He said, “If it is bloody red meat that
you want, understand that our land is
cracked and dry from a lack of blood upon
our own shores. Yet, I will still deliver.”

When the sacred cows were slaughtered,
the people screamed and howled for their
losses. They said to him, “Yes, we wanted
bloody red meat, but we wanted it to be

taken from your skinny bones. He said,
“I am afraid that this will not be possible,

for you see… change has truly come.”
Alice Parris





Like all temporal things,
love can be fleeting…
Prepare for love, live within love,
let love linger…

Never throw love away.
It will be many days before
love will search for you again.
Always be the one who gives.

You will never become
bankrupt by giving: the more
you give love, the more you will
glean; if not this time, than the next.

If you are not ready for love,
say so. Do not waste another’s heart.
Do not be the dealer of heartbreak.
This is but a fool’s bet…

Some will find soulmates, some
will not. Do the best you can with
the hand that you have been dealt. 
Do not grieve for love;

love will not grieve for you.
Do not waste years in pursuit of
love. Love will tap on your shoulder
when you are looking away…

If there is no love within your
heart, then show kindness, which
will never be lost: that which we
give away will live forever.

Man’s love has a fickle heart.

Alice Parris



I have made for myself a gilded cage. I have
decorated it with lovely trickets in many colors: 
fushia, gold, ivory, hot-pink, cilantro, lilac, ruby

citrine, turquoise, emerald,  silver, sand and sage.

There are mirrors everywhere. Their borders
are brushed gold or eggshell-lacquered metal.

I have throw pillows on top of my opulent bed

in satin hot-pink and peacock -green. A pillow of
lilac brocade and golden tassels execute the exotic.

My coverlet is adorned with brocaded baby cherubs 
on ivory satin. A Tiffany butterfly and a space-age,
multi-pastel, heliotrope lampstand lights the night.

Blinds & sheer cilantro curtains diffuse sunlight.
I am allergic to the sun. I will burn like a vampire.

My king-sized, pillow-topped Tempur-pedic bed
has four Tempur-pedic pillows to prop my head
during  sleep;  ensuring maximum oxygenation
from three Ionic Breeze purifiers with O2 boost.

White noise from a ceiling fan is conducive to
celestial dreams & visions. Humans enter only by
permission.  No feathered or furred creature can
ever enter; my own Kryptonite (along with dust,
mold and all green, growing things) My nightmare.

I am strange-flesh; exotic bird trapped in gilded cage,

wingless in the face of this black obsidian hole
into which I was unceremoniously dropped long ago.
When I am freed from my gilded cage, do not look for
me. Joyously, I will exit this planet with its many secret
stones, cryptic passageways  & undeciphered pyramids.

Earth is still scheduled for a series of eruptive/disruptive,
volcanic/colonics.  It is then, that prayer will be guileless.


Alice Parris